Los Angeles must rise together to fight Trump -- and I will bring the passion of a mother and the drive of an engineer to D.C.

About Tracy

Tracy Van Houten is a nationally recognized aerospace engineer for America's space program and mother of two young children who will bring a powerful, progressive voice to Congress.

As the daughter of a schoolteacher, a proud product of California's public schools, and a mentor to hundreds of women, Tracy knows that strong neighborhood schools are the key to California's future prosperity. She is committed to providing our children and teachers with the resources they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Tracy will fight Trump’s hateful agenda. She's committed to equality and social justice and is a proven LGBTQ ally. Tracy knows that women's rights are human rights and that the engine of American progress is fueled by immigrants.

Her deep roots in science and technology make her uniquely qualified to meet the challenges our state faces in battling climate change, innovating water solutions, and modernizing our infrastructure and public transit system.

Tracy is a trailblazing progressive leader who is running to put her passion into action for Los Angeles. Vote Van Houten for Congress on April 4th.